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Vape Juice – What Is It?

Many of you must have heard about “e-juice”, “e-liquid” or “vape juice”, however you may not be knowing much about it. In this post, we will try to answer few questions that you must have crossed your mind quite often.

The popularity of vaporizer and vape juice is increasing day by day and people everywhere in the world has started indulging in vaping in order to get rid of smoking habit.

Following are few of the ways you can define this vape juice or e-juice.

  • It is a fluid which is used along with vaporizer and also electronic cigarette and it creates actual vapor. It may or may not contain nicotine and based on the choice of the individual, one can choose it.
  • Vaporizer will heat up e-juice to a temperature between 200ᵒF to 400ᵒF and the liquid turns into vapor that people inhale.
  • This vape juice or e-juice can be a mixture of water with certain food flavors. There can also be nicotine if one prefers and also propylene glycol known as PG and vegetable glycerin which is known as VG.
  • The food grade flavoring will be a similar type of flavoring which is used in various foods. It will be safe to consume that and is quite delicious too.
  • PG is a kind of substance which is used in different flavorings for helping to distribute its taste and the flavoring of food that is evenly distributed throughout the liquid. You can find PG with food coloring, vanilla extracts and also in different medicines.
  • VG is vegetable-based liquid which is sweet and thick.
  • PG and VG make up almost 90% of the contents of the e-liquid with food grade flavoring along with nicotine making up for the remaining 10%.

Characteristics of PG e-juice

  1. PG liquid will be thinner than VG that makes it easier to absorb.
  2. Also, it will produce lesser residue on atomizer and tank
  3. PG vape juice has got no flavor
  4. PG can offer better smoking sensation
  5. Few users may however experience an allergic reaction

Characteristics of VG e-juice

  1. VG type of e-juice is little thicker and hence it can produce residual and thus can reduce the life of atomizer.
  2. It has a sweet taste and often used as a sweetener.
  3. It can produce much thicker vapor clouds because of its denser composition.
  4. It has minimal throat hit as compared to PG
  5. Few people have also reported allergic reaction to VG

Whether you choose VG or PG is entirely your personal choice and one must try both and can decide which suits them more.

What is the difference between premium and regular e-juice?

Premium vape juices like vapetasia, as well as juul pods are available on this store will ensure that main ingredients will be safer for human consumption. You will be rest assured that by inhaling VG, PG, nicotine and other food grade flavoring, it will be a pure one.

Regular e-liquid will be cheaper, but can contain other chemicals which may be harmful for humans.

However, it is for sure that both will be safer than smoking cigarette.


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