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Welcome to
Rhombus Whirled


We try to turn
dreams into reality

Rhombus Whirled was established with the one and only. purpose to change a little the current trends in interior design. We are proud to admit that we have managed to do it by establishing new solutions and ideas.

M y name is Jessica Oreiro and I have graduated from an architecture university. I have started this project as a hobby – or better said, a passion – while I was working. I used to give ideas and design solutions for friends and family until more and more people asked for help – that is when it turned out to be a business.

Over the past years, I have managed to put together a team of professionals. We are all young and fresh. We do not want to use or adapt to our predecessors' trends. We are here as a new generation of fresh blood with new ideas and innovations in mind. Luckily for us, our reputation grows with every new project, so we must be doing a good job.


We do everything with a smile on the face. We turn the kettle on, have a brew and welcome you to sit us and discuss your ideas and preferences with us. We will spam you with new ideas and innovations. However, it is your call – you will have to make the final decision. But when, we provide plenty of ideas to stimulate your imagination a little.

We have never worked a day in our lives because, well, we love what we do, so this business is also our passion. Welcome to our club. .


Sketch design

Every project starts with a sketch and yours will make no exception either. It will consist on nothing but lines and numbers on a white piece of paper. This is the first step in the process, but we promise you that you will be surprised by the final result.


Stepping in

This is when you step in. After assessing your ideas during the initial meeting, we will come up with sketches that will be regularly updated according to your ideas – or our ideas if you run out of creativity. There will be a constant communication to ensure a perfect result.


The final result

The final result is nothing but a big smile on your face that will also reflect inside your heart. An empty space will be a livable and enjoyable area – not just a house, but a home. We put our hearts into each projects and it is visible.


Here at Rhombus Whirled, we take interior design seriously. We know that it is about your home, so we try to make it as comfortable as possible.