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During the time when the Shards issues were published, the same editorial column was printed in all EQ issues for the same month. To eliminate redundancy (and to save disk space), the editorials are put on separate pages with links to and from the issue archive(s) in question.

Shards #10 has no editorial or letters pages, so it has been omitted entirely from this archive. [the editorial space that month was used to print an ad for the Treasure Quest contest, and the letters were replaced with an ad/preview for EQ: The Rebels]

Shards #11 and Shards #13 - #16 also have no letters pages.

EQ: Shards #1 (Aug 1994)
- Editorial: "It begins now."
- Letters: Report from the Chicago ComiCon | Tyleet | Wolfrider split

EQ: Shards #2 (Sep 1994)
- Editorial: Wendy in Hollywood
- Letters: Djun | How to stop Winnowill | Ember's choices

EQ: Shards #3 (Oct 1994)
- Editorial: "Silly season is over."-- Convention travels.
- Letters: Winnowill/Two-Edge/villains | Tyleet's cubling | Kill off Cutter??

EQ: Shards #4 (Nov 1994)
- Editorial: What books/music/movies I'd want with me on a desert isle
- Letters: Who could Winnowill Recognize? | Ekuar | Death

EQ: Shards #5 (Dec 1994)
- Editorial: Thanks and introductory notes about the Pinis' trip to Japan
- Letters: Drub & Flam | Aroree | Ekuar

EQ: Shards #6 (Jan 1995)
- Editorial: Guest editorial by Barry Blair -- On being Managing Editor
- Letters: Winnowill and the Djun | Two-Edge and Venka
- Special Feature: A Gaijin in Manga-Land - Chapter 1

EQ: Shards #7 (Mar 1995)
- Editorial: A word to artists who submit superhero/bad-girl/etc. art to Warp Graphics
[Note: this is actually the February 1995 editorial --MK]
- Letters: Why Cutter must die
- Special Feature: A Gaijin in Manga-Land - Chapter 2

EQ: Shards #8 (May 1995)
- Editorial: Elf-human hybrids and that which is Elfquest
- Letters: Djun and other characters | Death?
- Special Feature: A Gaijin in Manga-Land - Chapter 4

EQ: Shards #9 (Jun 1995)
- Editorial: An EQ movie storyboard sample
- Letters: More about death | blood and war | Krim?
- Special Feature: A Gaijin in Manga-Land - Chapter 5

EQ: Shards #11 (Sep 1995)
- Editorial: Charles Darwin Is Alive and Well and Living in Your Store

EQ: Shards #12 (Oct 1995)
- Editorial: Reminiscence of fall days past...
- Letters: Skot

EQ: Shards #13 (Dec 1995)
- Editorial: The comics industry in 1995 -- Change or die

EQ: Shards #14 (Jan 1996)
- Editorial: There's something riding on the wind...

EQ: Shards #15 (Feb 1996)
- Editorial: Trying to grab fog

EQ: Shards #16 (Mar 1996)
- Editorial: This is it.

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